“He’s In A Better Place”

This has become the main go-to when people are unsure of what to say. My hometown is very southern Baptist. I love the people, but most people’s reaction when struggling with words fall back on that.

However, if I am to 100% believe what I have been taught, then he is not in a better place. Quite the opposite, actually. So while people are attempting to comfort me, they are placing salt into the open wound.

You see, Chris was a mixture of heathen beliefs. After he passed, I found myself calling him ‘my heathen husband.’ He loved talking about Odin and Norse religion. In fact, he’d tell you Hel is actually pretty… okay. But when Christians talk about hell, they are not talking about a neutral place. They are talking about a place where torture happens.

So you see why that wouldn’t be helpful. This entire time I have been trying to convince myself it was best for him. That he didn’t have surgery or have to give up Wing Tsun. That his death was painless. How horrible would it be for me to imagine the rest of eternity for him being in a horrible place?

So if I am to follow traditional Christian beliefs, he is not in a better place. However. I choose to believe that his wisdom and studying of religion has him somewhere safe, or maybe no where at all.

He probably isn’t in a better place, and that’s okay. I choose to believe he is at peace and that is what gets me through the bad days.

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