I’ve had many people tell me, Chris included, that I should try to make money by running a blog.  After Chris’s death, several friends approached me with that idea again.  Not so much being paid but to run a successful blog sharing my stories.

Here’s the thing though – I have always written for myself.  Even back in the good ‘ol days of Tumblr it was a completely me thing.  I didn’t do it to get friends (though some of my best friends, including Chris, were found via this method.) I didn’t do it to draw attention to the fact that I self injured and ‘OMG please pay attention to me.’  I did it because it was healing for me.

So that is why there haven’t been posts.  While my mind is very much a vastness sea of swirling thoughts, I’m okay with the internalization of those thoughts or the random spurts of messages those closest to me get.

Holidays are weird, though.  I will add that.  I’ll actually probably do a blog post about that after Thanksgiving.  For now, I’m going to go watch Riverdale because it is now up there with my favorite tv shows.  Thanks, friends who told me I should watch it.

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