Two blogs in one night. No way?!?

It actually bugs me that I’m doing this but this is part of it, right? Being honest and sharing.

Tonight is the first night I want to talk to literally no one. I want to curl up in my bed and just cry. I won’t / haven’t. I’m watching Netflix and have been pretty social with my dad. But I just wish he were here. Mainly because change is happening. Because it’s stuff I want to talk to him about. And while I can ‘talk’ out loud and act like he’s there in some form, he’s not.

He’s not here to ask me how today went. He’s not here to tell me he loves me or how proud he is of me.

While anyone can do that, and I’ve spent the better part of today pepping myself up with that, the truth of the matter is today was a very big day and all I want is to tell my person about it. And I can’t. Because Death is a major fun suck.

I miss you, my Raggedy Man. More than I can say.

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