Snow makes me miss you.

It’s not snow itself. I dislike snow. People don’t know how to function, as with many weather patterns, and it’s cold and just.. no.

But it’s in San Antonio. And it makes me miss you. And San Antonio. Were we there, you and I, we would’ve been one of those annoying people. I probably would’ve been the one going to the window first and then drug you along. You’d insist that, since it’s snowing, I HAVE to make hot butterscotch. We’d curl up on the couch and probably watch Elf. Because you love me and I would be bugging you.

We were supposed to get Christmas pictures this year. Have a dog and somehow get Roo to join in. But here I am, without either of you. In less than a month I will have my own apartment, and shortly thereafter Roo will join. A large part of us will still be missing, but we’ll be together.

I just wish you were here. I wish we were back home… our home. The home we had made with each other. Snuggling up under covers and laughing and just enjoying each other. I miss you. So so much.

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