And so it continues.

Life, and so, death. Death managed to stay away from my thoughts for a while. Other than my Grandmother in 2009, I spent the first 24 years of my life not understanding. Then 2015 came. My grandfather passed. It was silent following that but man did that hurt. Chris would end up finding me crying somewhere missing Papaw so badly.

Then this summer hit.

  1. Chris
  2. Mamaw
  3. Aunt Freda

All within a month of each other. But life continued, until today.

E passed. My other strong Viking man. I’m in shock. It’s not nearly as bad as in July but it’s there. The ‘This can’t be happening. He’s coming over next weekend maybe?’

My heart is once again broken. It wasn’t even remotely okay before but it’s shattered even more. This is the part of life that no one can ever really prepare you for. Even experience can’t take away the sting. Death is a cruel mistress.

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