Christmas Memories

In our entire time of knowing each other, I can only think of one time Chris raised his voice to me. Facebook reminded me it was on this date last year. It’s, amusingly, something I’ve sort of looked forward to because the memory is so strong. The memory is all thanks to a little movie known as Elf.

I love Elf. Since it’s release, it’s been my ‘most see’ movie. Yet I never owned it. So when chris and I started talking about our movies to watch Christmas Eve, I kept bugging him. “We could rent Elf ” or “We should go home and watch Elf” was said countless times. After I’m sure what was 3+ hours of this, he raised his voice and told me to stop and be quiet. I cried. The look in his eyes while he hugged me from that is the look I miss. This ‘I’ll take care if you.’ I couldn’t understand why I just got scolded (though I did shortly) I just knew I wanted to go home.

We got home and he had me close my eyes and placed this in my hand. I then did my normal “I’m so excited”‘ squeal and jump. He kissed me and told me to learn patience (still working on that one.)

Chris wasn’t big on Christmas but he was big on me so we exchanged gifts and went to Christmas Eve service. We didn’t have time to make any traditions, as last Christmas was the only one we got together. But I am thankful for that one year of memories. So that whenever I see Elf, I can think of the only time I thought I’d made Chris angry. And the laughter after.

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